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NDFD WFS News/Update

  • PLEASE NOTE: Over the life of its experimental comment period, the National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) Web Feature Service (WFS) received very few requests for data and did not develop a set of consistent users. NOTE!! This is not the popular NDFD Web (SOAP and REST) XML Service located at https://graphical.weather.gov/xml/, but the WEB FEATURE SERVICE. As a consequence, effective March 01, 2011, at approximately 1500 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and in accordance with Technical Implementation Notice (TIN) 10-59, the NWS will discontinue the experimental NDFD WFS. In the meantime, the NWS is pursuing other services and will make them available for experimental use, comment, and review when they become available.

       Page last Modified: 01 March, 2011 10:00 AM